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The picture above is of me sitting next to my ladies in red.  I painted the small version, "Lady in Red II" after Itchak Tarkay, as a study, and the final version as a commission for a client.  In October of 2008, I sold the small version to a lovely lady and gentleman from Lithuania.  The large one was purchased by a lovely lady from Muncie, IN. I have enjoyed painting for several years, focusing much more time and energy since 2007.  Read on if you want to see some of my history.  Otherwise, please look at pictures of my drawings and paintings under "Works" and my latest painting or drawing  under "Latest Works."  My first recollection of art is of Dad drawing a cowboy for me.  When he started the drawing, I was impatient.  I couldn't see how what he was doing would become a cowboy;  then, after a few lines and shading, bingo, a cowboy appeared.  My dad was very creative.  When I was growing up he owned his own custom lighting manufacturing business, Pearce Lighting, in Indianapolis.  Every job was art in action. Back then, my dad had a friend named Leonard Kord.  We affectionately called him Leonardo because he was an extremely talented artist.  He could pick up an old, chewed, number 2 pencil, and draw anything free hand.  My dad called on him when needing an artistic rendering of a chandelier or clay moldings for gothic light fixtures.  I remember watching Leonardo intently whenever he did anything artistic.
I didn't work on art much when I was a child. I do remember enjoying 4th grade art.  I also remember doodling incessantly and my sixth grade friend calling me "Picasso" because of my doodles.  My doodling infuriated some teachers. Moreover, my drafting teacher in 8th grade became angry when I free [...]

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