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Joelle Whitewolf is a North American artist originally from Western New York.  She has enjoyed the tranquility of sketching since childhood. However, it wasn't until 2006, shortly after her relocation to the west coast in 2005, that she completed her first painting. Though somewhat unconventional, Joelle's paintings of light and dark contrast have indeed taken on lives of their own.  Her goal is to breathe life into the threads of each canvas.  Each painting is a true original work created with an energy unique to that moment in time.  Although requested, she does not reproduce the same painting on canvas nor are they sold as prints.  If her paintings are able to emote the subject's inner most thoughts, feelings, passions, or burden, Joelle considers that to be her work's greatest accomplishment. Should you have questions regarding available works or commission requests, please feel free to contact Joelle Whitewolf, at Raven Us Art, Inc., directly via this website.Thank you for stopping by.

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