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The Eclectic ArtofJo EdwardsGrowing up an only child in Venezuela, I learned at an early age to entertain myself, mostly with pencil and paper and then later with paints and clay.  A career in art was really never anything I considered as it wasn't "acceptable" at that time.  Art was best left to ancient masters or wild hippies.  It was only much later in life that the need to create drew me back to the art that, I guess, must have been lingering in my soul for such a long time waiting for me to acknowledge it.
 And so it began again, first with watercolors, realistically depicting nature and the western lifestyle.  After a weekend at an artist retreat in experimental art  I discovered a new joy in creating paintings on canvas with oils.  It gave me the freedom to put on paper what I was seeing in a totally different way.My  series of tree paintings evolved from that weekend.  Even though I focus on oils, I call my art eclectic because I'm just as happy leaning over the edge of a tub pouring watercolors over paper as I am laying oil paint on canvas.  I'm often told that my works are happy or calming or peaceful.  It's that same peace and happiness I feel every time I start or finish a piece that I hope the collector takes along into the home or office environment when choosing to own one of my works.
And now for an update.  During this strange year of 2020 and canceled art shows and stay at home orders, I've allowed myself to delve into different subjects and techniques.  I am finding a new joy in creating paintings of flowers,  not as a still life but in the full glory of their beauty, bursting off the canvas.  I [...]

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