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Jody began painting in Texas in 2000 after joining an artist’s group and identifying a considerable amount of joy and satisfaction in the laying of oil on canvas.  The following years took her to several workshops around the country with some of the nation’s leading artists and she began doing her own research and study at her studio in Nebraska.
In 2011, Jody made the move to Colorado where she enjoyed access to a wider community of artists and began exploring plein air, still life and figurative work.  Jody says she has always felt a strong connection between her work and her relationship with God - taking His lead when beginning a painting and finding the joy and peace it personally brings to her when the work is finished.  It is her hope that the work she interprets and places on canvas will bring the same feeling of joy and rest to her viewers.
A traditionalist in life as well as in her paintings, Jody has typically gravitated to the works of masters such as Sorolla, Zorn and more recently Bouguereau.  Her work can be seen as a representational style.  
Jody has been placed in several nationally juried shows.  She also has shown her work in galleries in Texas, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado.  
“Nothing brings me greater joy than prayerfully meditating on a painting and waiting to see what the hand of God will do with it,” Jody says.  While waiting on that direction can sometimes be a test of patience, she says she learns a great deal about not rushing before thoughtfully planning out a work.
Simply put: Jody knows she was created to paint, and paint she will, leaving all the necessary steps thereafter to a hand greater than hers.
October 21-November 19, 2018- Jody Anderson Solo Show - Cathedral Arts Project [...]

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