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Jodi Steen
Born in Southern California, Jodi started on her artistic journey taking in the beauty of the California hills and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Her family moved to Michigan during high school where she experienced the change of seasons and great encouragement to study art. Finding a passion for the creative process, she studied art at Calvin College and in everyday life. After getting married, Jodi and her husband, moved to Utah so he could continue his education. Deciding that Salt Lake City offered mountains, an expansive desert, seasons, and a lack of humidity, they settled in. Now living by the mouth of a canyon they are enjoying raising three kids and a crazy dog.
"Having been on a quest to visit as many national parks as we can as a family before our kids go to college, I have found all of my inspiration in the last year from these trips. The colors found in the rocks, water, trees, and sky have affected my paintings for life. Every park offers such a unique experience with its colors and environment that I never know where I'll find inspiration. While my work remains abstract, it still represents the landscapes that I see in a way that breaks down the colors of the parks as I see them. I approach my paintings in two parts. The sky with fluid and loose, long strokes, while the land, or water section becomes really tight as I lay in many layers of lines and texture. This is where I find balance that works together to create the whole painting."

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