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At an early age, Jodi Murphy learned to analyze the world around her.  She was taught that children were to be "seen and not heard", so she spent a lot of time quietly studying her surroundings.  Simple things like grass blowing in the breeze, a cloud drifting across the sky, a chicken waltzing around the barnyard or ants marching to and fro from their ant hill were all closely scrutinized.
Time spent on her grandmother's farm on the Cumberland River near Somerset, Kentucky (the 1950's through the 1970's) gave her an appreciation of farm animals and the peacefulness and tranquility of farm life.  This is where her love of nature was nurtured and grew.  She enjoyed spending summers helping with farm chores, learning to drive a tractor, picking blackberries and helping her grandmother pick and preserve garden grown vegetables with a pressure canner.  Restful evenings were spent gathered around the porch swing listening to the adults talk about their day. 
Jodi always had a love for drawing and coloring the things she observed in her world.  As a child, she would spend hours creating her "masterpieces" of art to share.  As a young adult, she sketched a detailed drawing of a boyfriend.  That is when he bought her first set of paints (watercolor) and watercolor paper as a gift.  From then (1971-1972) on she had a strong desire to create art.
She worked at Olan Mills, Inc. (The Nations Photography Studio) in Chattanooga, Tennessee for 26 years in the corporate office in the payroll department.  Early in her career with Olan Mills, Inc., she did a house portrait for a friend.  This led to the commissioned house portraits that she enjoyed painting as a supplement to her regular income.  In the early 1980's , she compiled a booklet of caricatures of the supervisors and [...]

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