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The Artist Says:

"Nature can be a great escape from our everyday life, I hope I have captured a small part of this great gift."

Other Artists Say:

Marsha Kennedy, the Fine Arts professor at the University of Regina,  praised Duchek for the light and life that she incorporates into her paintings.John Noestheden discribed the sky in Jocelyn's painting of  "Evening Refections" as deliciously juicy. 


                       A Little About Myself
I come from a long line of creative thinkers. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother sitting at the sewing machine
and visits to my great grandmother’s house who always had a special handmade gift for me. A refurbished old grey fur coat
turned into a beautiful stuffed elephant or one of my favorites was my sock monkey. My mom was influenced a great deal
from her grandmother. Both were fluent in “needle talk”; crocheting, knitting, crewel work, cross stitch and sewing.
Living a creative life was always a part of my memories. My dad had a whole other side of creativity that I am afraid was
not in my genes, music. I remember as a young girl dad would sit on his bed and play either his accordion or the guitar.
I know music touched his soul the same way painting does for me.
 I have lived in Saskatchewan my whole life and I truly appreciate it's simplicity and beauty.  I married my husband
 Ken and we had 3 children.  Life was full and busy, in my spare time I sewed and did as many crafts as I could
 afford to. When our youngest child was in school I started working for my sister with her leather business while
 upgrading my schooling to work with children with disabilities.  I spent the next 13 years working in the school system. 
  In my early 40’s I became very ill with Colitis.  In 2003, and after many surgeries, art became a big part of my healing.
  While taking a variety of workshops in painting, and many more hours studying from a vast collection of art instruction
  books, I learned to paint the beautiful landscapes that surrounded me and the places we have visited. I found color
  theory particularly fascinating and was especially interested in the healing qualities [...]

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