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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.joanwhitenack.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $110.00 - $600.00
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           Joan painted her very first picture at the age of 71 years just after retiring.  Now, Joan loves to paint with oil paints on canvas and travel – since retiring in 2012, she has done a lot of both.   She will tell you that painting is a spiritual experience and a way to share love with friends and family.    She enjoys capturing the natural light, color and the beauty of our amazing world on her canvasses.  She often paints landscapes and scenes from her travels thus making a memory become meaningful art. 
            Joan was honored to be one of the first artists to display their work at the Artists Alley, at the Monrovia Community Center.  Joan was a featured artist in the Art of Poetry magazine, Spring 2020 issue, and was also a guest artist on the local cable television show, Explorers with Millie.  As members of Monrovia Association of Fine Arts, Joan helps with community art projects.  Joan has been honored as the Artist of Month twice in the past year.  Joan serves on MAFA’s board of directors and holds the position of Treasurer.  She enjoys finding ways to help bring more art to children and our communities.
             She and Ray Wheeler, her second husband/best friend, live in Monrovia and he frames her pictures.  Together they have seven children, twelve grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren and a very special 17 year old kitty, Monet.  Every year, they visit their adopted Mum, who turned 103 years old in 2020 and lives alone in Northern Idaho.  They often go to Australia to visit their 3 grandsons, and have traveled to India, New Zealand, and Costa Rica.  There is rarely a dull moment in their lives. 

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