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"Art washes away the dust of the soul." - Pablo Picasso


I grew up on a six-lane highway in Charlotte, NC. My sisters and I used to sit on our front porch and identify the cars to determine the most popular brands. Ford and Chevrolet won by a landslide with a Dodge, Buick, or Pontiac making a rare appearance. Where were all those people going and why were they in such a hurry? Even in my early drawings on the walls (literally... not hanging on the walls!) at 4 or 5 years of age, I wanted the world to slow down. That is the feeling I still try to capture in my artwork today. Slow down, sit awhile, watch a cloud or two change.
Trained in traditional French Impressionism and then pushing the color envelope to follow the path of the wild beasts, or Fauvists, as they were known, I find myself sailing more and more toward colorful, whimsical expressionism these days. As a friend of mine says, "Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality."... Cheshire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)
More...Joan studied photography at Southeastern Center for the Photographic Arts (SCPA) in Atlanta, Georgia. She contributed photos to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Gwinnett Home Weekly (now the Gwinnett Daily Post), and several other publications. She was an Inside Gwinnett magazine photo contest winner, selected as the cover artist for a Gwinnett Arts Council calendar, and The John Marlor Arts Center obtained some of her work through the Georgia Art Acquisition Program sponsored by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia. But it was fine art photos that she most enjoyed creating and it was her interest in fine art that led her to renew her acquaintance with drawing and painting. Her artwork is available through this and other online venues.
Still More...Exhibited and gave paintings forever homes for many years [...]

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