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BA Art History, Cum Laude - California State University Northridge
Loyola Marymount University, Graduate Program Art Psychotherapy
California Art Institute
Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art

Michael Siegel - Still Life and Portrait
Sherrie McGraw - Still Life
Jackie Kamin - Still Life
Robert A. Johnson - Still Life and Portrait
Richard McKinley - Landscape
Kenn Backhaus - Landscape
Kim Lordier - Landscape

Art Organization Memberships:
Oil Painters of America
California Art Club
Malibu Art Association
Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains and Seashore

Artist's Statement:
I am currently working in oil on a series of plein air and studio pieces based on the beauty of our California coastal areas.  

It is my goal to lead the viewer on a voyage of discovery around the painting with the hope that they will be drawn in by the contrasting elements of light and dark values, color and colorlessness, impasto and smooth brushwork, vertical and horizontal elements, geometric and organic shapes, interesting compositional ideas and soft and hard edges.  


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