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  • FASO Artist Website: http://joartanddesign.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • I'm from Venezuela and Barbados.

  • I'm happiest with my family, obsessed with animals and the outdoors.

  • Went to 9 elementary schools.

  • Price Range: $25.00 - $1,000.00

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"Love your Colors!"

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"You are always happy!"


mixed cultural background from growing up in the Caribbean and Europe strongly influences my work. After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, my early years were focused on graphic design and freelance illustration. Moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest 20 years ago was the turning point in my career.  
My work expresses a lifelong love for the natural world, especially animals and landscapes. Many canvases include textures from acrylic mediums, papers or plants. The creative process is always exciting: discovering and developing new techniques along the way produces surprising visual effects. Presently, I miss the personal contact with the public who attend Art Festivals; it is so exciting and rewarding to meet people from different backgrounds with their own was born in Venezuela and lived in South America and Europe before immigrating to the United States. Her mother’s roots are Spanish and her father’s ancestors settled in one of the British Caribbean colonies – Barbados, in 1880’s. The influence of this mixed cultural background is an integral element to Joanne’s paintings.
After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and through many years of dedication to Graphic Design, Joanne has returned to her love of painting with Acrylics.  Her work combines bold layouts and colors that express her personality and passion for nature.
Some paintings begin with reference photos, acrylic paint, handmade papers and various acrylic mediums, which harden to create various textures. Different substances and materials like airbrush inks, charcoal and gels are added to create exciting visual effects. A favorite is rubbing alcohol which repels water-based media.
Joanne's originals are available as archival prints, greeting cards and ceramic tiles. Custom commissions are welcome too.
Her work is also exhibited at regional Art Festivals and Galleries.

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Burkhead Art Center
Contemporary Gallery Online
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