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An example of fine art by Joanne Gill Worth

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             Joanne has been sharing her passion for art with students of all ages for over forty years.  Along the way, she accumulated allergies that have led her to work exclusively in the non-toxic medium of Oil Pastel.  Her unusual technique creates images which emerge from the dark surfaces she works on.
            Joanne enjoys working with still-life, landscape and portrait subjects and is currently compiling what she calls  " studies in composition" to her repertoire.  She was often commissioned to paint a child, pet or place but now finds herself drawn to working from images she's collected with her camera.
           The small scale of Joanne's work and her use of bold contrast create a quiet drama in her paintings that invites unhurried observation.   Whether providing a brief respite, tapping into a pleasant memory or viewing the commonplace in a new way, Joanne's work actively involves its viewers in her creative process.


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