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The Artist Says:

“Most of my paintings reflect a moment in time where it is important to capture an immediate impression.  I assess the composition, the values, the proportions and color, then I paint, all the while trying to maintain the initial feeling that drew me to paint the particular landscape, person or still life. Sometimes a small painting is completed in a single day.  More often, the painting is completed in the studio.  I refine and work on various elements while trying tenaciously to keep its freshness."

Collectors Say:

“Thank you for the absolutely beautiful painting of the beach that you made of my mom’s birthday!  I can’t tell you how much it means to me and how much it is going to mean to my mom to receive such a special, thoughtful, and gorgeous present.”  Julie
"The painting arrived and it’s beautiful!!  Thanks so much – I’ll keep an eye out for your work in the future!"  Betty G.
“The energy, joy and love you express in your paintings are astounding.”  Karen C,


Artistic Background Summary:
Painting since I was a child, and having majored in art in college, I am delighted to be a coastal Carolina landscape painter.  I am especially captivated by the ocean, marshes and magnificent skies.  Painting outdoors en plein air enables me to immerse myself in nature and hone my knowledge and understanding of its endless colors, shapes and textures.  Studio painting gives my painting another perspective.  I find I can take more time to experiment with color, form, composition and subject matter.   The other wonderful aspect of my work is teaching.  Through teaching I have met amazing people who inspire me with their tenacity, insights and dedication.
Artist Statement:
Award winning artist, Joanne Q. Geisel describes herself as an America Impressionist painter whose original oil paintings depict the Carolina coast, its beaches, skies, marshes and cottages. Joanne is on the faculty of the Cameron Art Museum School and teaches in many other venues in the area.  Her paintings can be found in a number of North Carolina galleries, several corporate collections and many private collections.
"I enjoy oil painting “plein air”, directly from nature.  It is the challenge of painting outdoors that I find particularly fascinating, because of the opportunity to deeply appreciate and connect with the life and beauty of my subject.   My goal is to capture the unique light, color, and atmosphere of the subject matter and my emotional reaction to it.  Additional interests are painting portraits, the human figure and still lifes.  Through my paintings, I attempt to bring the viewer to a greater appreciation and, in some cases, a different perspective on what they see in the natural environment. "

Teaching  and Employment Background Summary:
I have been teaching oil painting classes and workshops since 2006 throughout  southeastern North Carolina.  Locations of the classes and workshops include The Museum School at the [...]

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