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Artist's Statement
Deep within us, and often unconscious to us, are the patterns with which we live our lives. Many of our responses are determined by the patterns set deep in our brains, either reaffirmed or modified as we go along. Much of the information we receive is visual; the eyes are a window to the brain. What we see both reflects and establishes these patterns. As we evolve, so do they.
In my work I explore patterns and relationships in order to bring these forth and make them conscious. I am particularly interested in patterns that are overlooked, both external, such as shadows, random splattering, juxtaposed plant forms, and internal, such as responses to color choices and shapes.
Some of my favorite subjects blur the lines between representational objects and abstraction. Tree branches when see against the winter sky can easily be either, obviously trees or obviously abstract patterns. Shadows cast by plants in a window or anything sharply defined by light are also simultaneously something recognizable and, in an altered context, something not so recognizable, hovering on the edge of familiarity, awaiting a new interpretation.
Award-winning painter Joanne Burney hails from New York City where she received her B.A. in Studio Arts from Queens College, City University of New York. Studying both abstract and figurative art, she has received awards for both genres.
Her work has been recognized in national and international competitions, is included in several corporate collections, such as that of The University Park Holiday Inn, Ft. Collins, Colorado, Kodak West andWoodward Governor as well as in many  private collections.
She was recently honored with inclusion into the book Art Journey Abstract Painting, A Celebration of Contemporary Art, published in 2017.

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