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Artist Statement
Jo Anne Burkhard is an award winning Midwest artist who focuses on the art of the story.  She is captivated by the power of people’s experiences and the healing that takes place when their stories are told.  Her earliest influence was her father’s high school figurative drawings.  She also was spellbound by her father’s book on Norman Rockwell which so intimately conveyed through visual art the beauty of the human condition.
Jo Anne’s experience as a psychotherapist has impacted her art as she works to convey an individual’s journey, in visual form. She believes words can never fully express our inner experiences. Her goal is to catch a mood, an expression, or feeling, that invites the viewer in, that entices curiosity…”What is he or she thinking?  What is going on here?” Her wish is to take the mundane and uncover what in underneath.   She works to create a visual expression of the power of the human spirit, of grief, of joy, of hope, of resilience.  She has a strong “inner child” who often inspires her work with playfulness and she views the world as a place where anything is possible.
Just as Jo Anne continues to explore the human journey across the lifespan, whether comedy or tragedy, she also continues the search for that best composition, color, stroke and style that most fully expresses who she really is as an artist and oil painter.
Richmond Art Museum, Richmond. IN
Richmond Art Museum 122st Annual Juried Exhibition by Indiana and Ohio Artists
Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Hoosier Salon 96th Annual Juried Exhibition
Marion University, Indianapolis, IN
Indiana Artists Annual Members Exhibition
Richmond Art Museum, Richmond. IN
Richmond Art Museum 121st Annual Juried Exhibition
Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Hoosier Salon 95th Annual Juried Exhibition
Richmond Art Museum, Richmond, IN
Richmond Art Museum 120th Annual Juried Exhibition
Anderson Museum of Art, Anderson, IN
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