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Inspired by her father's caricature drawings, JoAnn began drawing at the early age of nine. Then, mentored along the way by various teaches, she began to develop a passion for artistic expression.
After graduating Cum Laude in 1979 with a BA degree in Graphic Design from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, JoAnn pursued a career in graphic design dba Design Company, J Cunniff Public Relation, and later J. Beaird & Associates Advertising, Inc.
Then she moved on to her next creative adventure, Interior Design/Decoration for the next 18 years, dba Artistic Interiors, before returning to her true passion, the fine art of painting.
Beginning in 2012, JoAnn has been mentored by many of the great painters of our day thru workshops to include Roger Dale Brown, Michelle Dunaway, Seth Haverkamp, Quang Ho, Qiang Huang, Dennis Perrin and many others.
While exploring various mediums, she now paints mainly in oil as a "Contemporary Realist" to include still life, portraiture, and landscape. JoAnn seeks to paint about the light and beauty that surrounds us each day, in an effort to celebrate the creative spirit within us . . . and the Creator of it all.
When she is not painting - since 2017 - JoAnn enthusiastically supports a community of artists (thru free and  low cost art education) in Huntsville, Alabama's Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment called Heartfelt Expressions. For more information about Heartfelt Expressions, you can visit their website at heartfeltexpressionshsv.com or their FB group page - Heartfelt Expression Huntsville and Instagram at heartfelt_expressions_hsv.
JoAnn continues to be inspired, thru her travels, by the unique experiences presented by locations both domestic and abroad.

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