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When an artists paints, they are expressing their thoughts and emotion with paint instead of words, which means my work maybe expressing what is going on in my life or the world. Therefore, when I pick up a paintbrush my work reflects these thoughts. These everyday occurrences come alive on my canvas.
I use painting to express my feelings and my spirit. I embrace art for personal growth and I share my enthusiasm with the people who view my art. Having explored representational art I found I was drawn to the process of abstraction with great emphasis on visual sensation.
I use color and form in a non representational way, by using real forms in a simplified way and exaggerated manner to free one's mind, which to me is a vital importance. The intrinsic qualities rather than imitating its external appearance, my subconscious inspires individual expression and a dream like contextual environment in which I paint. More interested in the play of light when creating the illusion of depth and three dimensions, it is like searching for the truth or my own answer to science. Harmonious arrangement of colors with the spiritual forces behind the visual world, the visual language of form, color and line I create a composition with perspective to reproduce an illusion of reality. I take in to consideration the fundamental changes in our everyday life as well as the changes in technology, science, philosophy and current events.
Joan Keirstead

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