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Art has been an important part of my life since I was a child standing next to my father watching the magic in his photographic darkroom. He made me sensitive to the nuances of composition and tonal variation; how to pare down an image to its relevant parts; and most importantly how to enjoy the process and find joy in creating. Later, I graduated with a degree in art history which gave me an appreciation for the context of art in a larger world--how do ideas play against our time? Do they have truths which can endure? After university, I worked in a graphics department as a technical illustrator. This experience stressed precision and craftsmanship, as well as how to translate ideas into clearly communicated images. These three experiences have honed my skills into the artist I am. One which finds happiness in creating, using art to address ideas relevant to my life and my time and the desire to do it with craftsmanship to the best of my ability.
My work addresses how to feel spiritually in daily existence, how to capture a sense of mystery. I strive to reflect the wonder and appreciation I feel about our universe, the forces of nature and the unknown. I gravitate towards both representational images, stars galaxies, oceans and abstract images that convey mystery, beauty and power. I search for ways that I can see the life force in the infinitesimally small and the enormously large at the same time. The medium of wax encaustic with its variations of paper textures, wonderfully rich and metallic colors and beautiful textures and finishes create a sense of mystery and depth. It's a medium which has endless possibilities and inspires me to experiment.

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