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Joana Mollet is an Anglo-Portuguese artist currently living and working in Muscat, Oman. Best known for her abstract landscape paintings, Joana’s work draws on her long standing painting practice and her eye for colour, form and experimental mark making. Constantly curious, Joana has lived and travelled around the world. Her work brings together a collection of varied visual and cultural perspectives and reflects her fascination for the vitality found in nature. Imbued with the sense of the subconscious, Joana’s work explores the relationship between memory and our experience of the natural world. Conservation, imagination and the distortions of memory are key to her work:
"We go out in to nature and experience it in all its beauty: but looking back, we realise that our memory is unreliable: we embellish, airbrushing out degradation and we remember the world the way that we want it to be."
 Joana ponders this emotional memory and reflects that in reality, nature is less and less how we wish to perceive it. It only exists as pristine in our imagination. 
"Through my painting I seek to remind the viewer of our emotional attachment to the natural world on a conscious and subconscious level. By rekindling our attachment to nature we can derive huge benefits for our well-being but also, importantly, begin to truly care about conserving it. I would like my work to serve as a call to action: to actively seek out these connections but also to be active in conserving the natural world.”
 Joana’s approach is intuitive to begin with - gradually shapes, rhythms, reflections and images emerge as imagination and the “memory” of the natural world informs the painting.  Working in acrylic and mixed media - pouring, scraping and scratching, she weaves these forms together to convey an emotional response in an abstract or semi-abstract form. Her work is held [...]

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