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Jo Allebach really is in awe of nature. She captures the brilliance of the sun beams and the cool shadows. Giving the viewer a chance to be in such beautiful places that they remember fondly or that they dream of going is her goal.
Jo grew up as an Air Force dependent moving all around the United States. This traveling around gave her the opportunity to see what most people just read about in geography books. The splendor of this great country gave her a desire to paint and capture it. Unfortunately her dream to become an artist was detoured due to other careers. All this just added to the menu of places she could eventually draw from to make her art. She did study at Drew University in New Jersey, North Dakota State University in Fargo, Daytona Beach Community college for Law Enforcement certification and finally achieved her goal of a BS in 1995 from the University of Southern Maine, receiving her degree in Management and Organizations.
Art was not a priority at that time. Jo's mental health took on a serious illness after 1996 which allowed her the use her time being an artist. An Associates of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Phoenix college is nearly complete. But the painting took over all her interest and she has been painting in acrylic and watercolor since 2002. Taking classes and workshops are her only formal training to date even though it would be her dream to go to school for an Fine Art degree.
As an adult Jo Ann has lived in North Dakota, Florida and Maine. Now she has been residing in Phoenix since 1996 where she thoroughly enjoys the many days of warm sunshine. The trees of Maine are deeply rooted in her mind. To get up to date contact [...]

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