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These paintings of closely seen nature in the form of moths, butterflies and flowers and joyous sunny or stormy landscapes are my response to the state of planet Earth at this moment. I immerse myself in nature to escape the pain I feel for the creatures of the world, but in the periphery of my vision, I cannot avoid seeing that the storm is gathering. The storm is destructive, dark, and unknowable; it represents the power for creation and destruction of the divine spirit at work in nature.

I've learned to recognize that there is intelligence in the simplest of things, and that it is possible to take comfort in the browsing of bees, the texture of bark, the acorn’s gleaming body, the fur of a moth. All of nature connects in interwoven patterns and influence.

Out of apparent destruction comes the renewal of life, just as the Lodge Pole Pine sprouts only when the cone is exposed to fire. Sometimes we must walk through the darkness to see the light. That your world is in agony is no reason to turn your back on it, or to try to escape into private “spiritual” pursuits.

This series of paintings is in a way a voice of Nature speaking through the language of symbol and metaphor. There is a clear still voice of the natural world, singing sighing and whispering all around us. Even so, in our culture the idea that humans are profoundly dependent upon the life support systems of this small moist green planet is often rejected.


Jo-Ann Lowney was born in 1948 in New [...]

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