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My artwork reflects my passions – my passion for travel, for gardening and for art.
I work in oil creating original, hand-painted, landscapes, architecture and florals.  I work in my studio often working from photographs I have taken during travels with my wife. 
My style is what I call "Enhanced Realism".  Although I create paintings that depict a real-life scene, the paintings I create modify and embellish upon that scene to convey a sense of joy, wonder and a calming spirit.  I accomplish this through a combination of composition, perspective and color.  I prefer a bright palette and modify the colors that naturally occur in the scene to fit the mood of the painting.  I may simplify or remove elements and may add elements to draw the viewer into the painting and to convey a calming sense of joy.
Through my paintings I hope to share my passion and joy for the world around us.
I also work on commission.  Select COMMISSION from the menu for more information.

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