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 At an early age, Jim’s free time was spent in the back country of Central New York, where he grew to love nature and wildlife. From these quiet times with nature, whether in an open windy field watching birds and wildlife or just wandering with his camera photographing the landscape, Jim developed a great interest in observing. Jim brings love of observing to create wonderful detail in his work.
Most of Jim’s adult life was spent in northeastern Colorado, where he and his wife raised their 3 children. During these years Jim owned, worked and managed a paint contracting business during one of Colorado’s busy house building frenzies.
Jim’s creative nature has always been present in whatever project he happens to be working on, be it at home, work, or with the kids.  His exploration of art started with a woodcarving class in the beautiful Mountain town of Estes Park , Colorado.  Classes and instruction continued and included many different arts, wood carving, jewelry making, silversmithing, glass etching and painting.  Although Jim enjoyed exploring all of these arts and created some amazing art pieces, he knew his passion was using the paint brush (on canvas, not walls).
While in Colorado Jim studied watercolor under artist, teacher and author Colette Pitcher for several years. A move to Oklahoma in 2003, has provided the opportunity for Jim to continue his fine art instruction with Artist, teacher and author, Jerry Yarnell.  Jim’s fine art has been on display at shows in Colorado and Oklahoma.
Being an artist is an ongoing exploration of vision and expression.  When asked “What happens when you make a mistake?” Jim’s quick response is “There are no mistakes in art, just constant adjustments.”

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