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  Some of my new work is about the cosmos. I am fascinated by the flood of information  we now have about our universe and its randomness and variety. This theme suits my style very well. I don't like rules and structure. I like freedom of expression and let it fly when I am doing the art pieces. You will frequently see pieces of mine with 'outlying' structures, borders crossed and excursions outside the lines.
I have made some mobiles and stabiles of wood and wire, using Alexander Calder as my guide. My piece, "Bad Hair Day" is much like his "Wooden Bottle With Hairs", 1943. My "Fishy Fishy", 2013, is similar to his "Finny Fish", 1948. (When my kids were small, we would pinch our cheeks together, and through our puckered lips say, "Fishy Fishy".)
I have finished a stabile I call "Taking the Big Leap" 2014. It's a large wire person stepping out over a gap in the wood he is standing on, graphically demonstrating taking a big step into the unknown. It's made of maple burl and wire.
I tried to capture the anxiety and fear one must overcome when launching a new direction in life, be it work or personal growth. I also call it killing your snakes. Like knocking down barriers to moving forward. I think this an extremely important skill to develop for becoming 'self-actualized'.
I am also working on a piece I call "Even Lemmings Need Leaders". This is a lot of wire characters on a spalted maple burl slab, all following the leader who is stepping over a precipice. It's a statement about how incompetence in leadership can ruin an organization.
Almost finished with a new piece called "Lost In Space". It will have a few extremophiles in an imagined environment, like Mars.
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