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Jim was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  As a child he watched TV Artist, Jon Gnagy, and thought "I can do that!"  When he was twelve, he received Gnagy's "Learn to Draw Kit" for Christmas, which enabled him  to draw along with his Saturday Morning TV Show. But became disillusioned when he couldn't keep up with Jon.
Over the years, TV artists Bill Alexander and Bob Ross caught his attention, but his failed experience with Gnagy caused him to give it up.
In June of 2016, he decided to try again. He knew if he didn't, he would regret it. He stopped by an art store, bought supplies, and was ready to begin his art journey, which has impressed his colleagues, family, friends, and clients ever since.
Retired in 2017 after working in the Oil and Gas Industry for thirty-severn years, he now has time to paint and draw full time.  His subject matter includes western art to wildlife to pastoral scenes, to landscapes, to abstract.  And he's attracted clients across the state, as well as the country. He continues to hone his talent by studying under the likes of Bert Seaborn, Jerry Yarnell, Mike Wimmer, Reian Williams, and others.  He is currently enrolled in an Atelier Program at Oklahoma Classical Art in Edmond, Oklahoma under instruction of Leslie Lienau.
Most days you can find Jim at the  Studios at the North Gallery and Studios in Northpark Mall in Oklahoma City.  


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