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Jim is a recovering lawyer who discovered the joy and discipline required of becoming a painter ten years ago.  His first efforts to transfer what he saw onto paper and canvas began at Tony Griffin’s weekly figure drawing group.  Encouraged by learning that anyone who has the desire and is willing to make the commitment can learn to paint, he became a serious student and painter.  He has learned that what many see as native talent is largely hard work and persistence. 

Jim's major experience as an artist during the past 10 years began with study under his artistic mentor, Andy Braitman, of Charlotte.  He has also studied under Nelson Shanks and the cadre of artists and teachers he has developed at Incamminati in Philadelphia, Wayne McDowell, Tony Griffin, Kate Worm and Ken Auster.
Before becoming an artist, Jim was an attorney and entrepreneur in Charlotte for 35 years. During those years his creativity was directed into photography and music.  Most of his time at the easel is spent in his studio at the Dilworth Artisan Station in Charlotte and plein aire in the environs of Blowing Rock in the North Carolina mountains, New Mexico, France and the Maritime Provinces of Cadada.  Jim's painting is largely representational, and his usual pallet is limited in order to maintain color harmony in his paintings.  His constant challenge is to see and understand what is important and meaningful in a face, a scene or a figure.  A successful painting for Jim is one that reflects the inner beauty of the subject such that it resonates in him personally as well as in the heart of the viewer.

The paintings shown in this presentation are representative of Jim's work, but they are by no means exhaustive.  Additional images can be provided upon request. 


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