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“I would define my works as realism, because I am interested in depicting the subjects I choose to paint, as I see them in nature. I am fascinated by the way things look, painting is for me about seeing. That is, translating three-dimensional form to a two-dimensional surface and creating the illusion of reality with space, depth and atmosphere from direct observation. It forces me to deeply study and understand the subject before me, that is the art of seeing. The more I paint – the more I learn – the more I see as an artist.”
These works are unique studies from a painter’s process, they are the continued, ongoing study and observation; of nature and of the visual world, as I interpret the living world through art.
Still life –
The still life is the ideal avenue to perfect skills of observation and explore both formal and narrative ideas in a painting. With a still life I can work both the aspects of design and aesthetics. Either with the quiet, intimate beauty of a simple formal composition which opens your eyes to something you never appreciated before, or the narrative filled with symbolic meaning and metaphorical references.
Small Works – Pochade Box Paintings, Color Sketches and Field Studies - En Plein Air
The language of art is learned by building a vocabulary. These works are compositional lessons, color notations, atmospheric studies and the direct results of that visual exploration. They are for reference and knowledge gathering, a personal library of experiences and memories.  I never underestimate the importance of these works, they are the foundation and doorway to a deeper understanding of my subject.
Painted mainly alla-prima, direct wet into wet, normally in one sitting, they tend to be looser or painterly because most of the strokes of paint will be visible in the final [...]

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