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Jim Morin was born January 30, l953 in Washington, D.C. and raised outside Boston. He studied painting and drawing at Syracuse University under Jerome Witkin.  
As a child, Morin was enthralled with the work of Honore Daumier, both his political cartoons and his paintings. Morin followed the same career path and became the editorial cartoonist for The Miami Herald from 1978 to 2020 painting in the evenings.
He is one of only a handful of cartoonists to be awarded two Pulitzer Prizes for his work (in 1996 and 2017).  His drawings were syndicated internationally by King Features,  The New York Times Syndicate and Morintoons syndicate and his work has appeared widely in newspapers, magazines and television domestically and overseas.
He exhibited his paintings frequently in south Florida including Virginia Miller Gallery, Art Collectors Gallery, Don Webb Gallery, Futernick Gallery, Patou Fine Art, Miami Science Museum, and Coral Springs Museum of Art.  His work ranges from landscapes to cityscapes to figurative, often making subtle observations on the human condition as exemplified by the TV Watchers and Entrance series. 

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