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I am primarily a landscape painter..  My style is a blend of impressionism and abstract and my goal is to depict common scenes in a somewhat un-common way that will resonate with viewers  and encourage them to emotionally participate in the painting -  to let them add details as they wish. Much of my work is done using palette knifes which results in a signature look. I paint daily in my home studio from early morning till I reach a good stopping point.
I began painting in the late 1960's and continued profusely for several years until the demands of a corporate career caused me to set aside painting  - but retain drawing  because it better fit my hectic travel schedule. I knew I would return to painting in the future, which I did, full time, in 2005.
I'm basically self-taught though I've taken a few workshops from nationally known painters including Greg Kruetz, Joe Larusso, Calvin Liang and Gil Dellinger. I mainly paint scenes I've experienced during road trips I take annually throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. I paint almost exclusively from memory and choose scenes that made such a strong impact upon me when I first saw them that I have a strong visual memory of them I want to capture on canvas. Using brush and palette knife, I focus on painting the light and "air" of the scene to capture the emotion.
I received a B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Texas in 1968. Upon graduation, I worked in Estate & Tax Planning, securities brokerage and non-profit until 2005 at which time I returned to painting full time.
My wife, Elizabeth, and I live near Taos, New Mexico in an off-grid home on 20 acres adjoining the Carson National Forest.
 I have belonged to various art groups including the [...]

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