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Most collectors respond to my paintings because of my use of light and shadow; along with the quiet, peaceful feelings they convey.  My main goal is to paint the spirit of the subject more than its image. A painting, not a picture. My search is to define its illusive, sometimes human quality, that intrigues me   My work is a touch of realism playing upon an impressionistic field.  The focal point is often handled with delicate detail and is further enhanced by my multiple layering of subtle color and impressionistic brushwork. The more I can understand the subject, the more can paint the heart of what it is all about.

Collectors Say:

"James Jackson's work vividly captures the subject's essence, drawing the viewer in with the warmth, perspective, and breadth of painting.  His work adds grace and elegance to any setting and will significantly enhance your fine art collection."
- Marielle Ainsworth


As an artist, I love being outdoors and painting the rural American landscape.  I seek subjects that have something to say; old houses, farms, fields, and of course the blue-gray skies and snows of winter.  I strive to see beyond the obvious and paint the poignant side of the subject.  With paint, a few brushes, color and light, I try to do just that.  
Born in 1944, Jim Jackson's paintings reflect the tradition of the talented artists that made New Hope, Pennsylvania a famous art colony. 
Building homes and studios in this idyllic setting, these artists painted masterpieces that captured the rich texture, color, and atmospheric quality of the picturesque rolling hills, farms, and tiny hamlets that contoured the Delaware River Valley.  
When I was just a kid, I would attend many of the Impressionists exhibitions throughout the New Hope area with my artist father.  The paintings I saw, and later the works of Homer and Wyeth, were about places and things I knew and loved.  My own experiences of exploring the countryside, pursuing game in woodlots, fields, creek bottoms and across the frozen corn stubble of winter, all became the heart stone of my work.  I knew early on that I wanted to somehow incorporate those emotional attachments into my own paintings. 
Jackson still draws upon those early influences in the way he looks at life, the subjects he chooses and the manner in which he paints.  He is bound by the pureness of nature, the plays of color and light, and the sometimes human stories that his subjects tell.  HIs work is an amalgamation of suggested realism upon an impressionistic field in which he strives to express the evocative subtleties of the subject's spirit, rather than simply recording its image. 
Jim's paintings appear in many fine collections.  Several are owned by a Board Trustee of the Brandywine River Art Museum in Chadds Ford, PA. Jim's  artwork has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur [...]

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