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Although I pursued a career as a Professional Building Designer for over 40 years, I have always been an artist at heart all my life. In all truthfulness, I did not regret the Designer stage of my life one iota, it was not only extremely rewarding to see one’s designs come to fruition in real materialistic three dimensional form, it also offered me the opportunity to work with some great clients. I am one of those supposedly rare individuals who can say that coming to my office daily to earn my living was a real joy.  Professional design takes on many forms in both the architectural and the graphic areas.  Fine art has always been on the peripheral of these other graphic forms.  I am now able to devote my remaining time to honoring my new craft as a painter.  My goal is not to start churning out a great quantity of work but to be more focused on the quality of content.My oil, acrylic and pastel paintings are representational depictions of the places, things and events that have made an impact on my innate sense of color and design.  I am now able to utilize very selective ranges of color, values and compositions to express mood and atmosphere. The end result of my work is to impact the viewer in a minor or major personal way.   Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Pissarro, the French Impressionists, the Barbizon Painters; especially Corot along with today’s contemporary artists;  the late great George Inness have all made an impact on my development as an artist. My love of art history along with my career as a Designer led me to this, a chance to pursue second career. The graphic design segment of my life has helped keep the embers hot until the time came for my [...]

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