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Jim Barker grew up in farm country surrounded by timberlands, hidden trails and meandering creeks.  At an early age, impressions of the land around him began translating into pencil and charcoal drawings.  He continued his learning experience by studying all he could about the mode of expression deployed by the masters.


I've been working in the art field since I graduated from college with a degree in commercial art.  During most of my commercial career I worked for the plastic container industry as a sculptor specializing in figurine pieces for companies such as Walt Disney, Lucas Films and others.But, like most commercial artists, the lure of the fine art world over-powered my interest.  I was off to work on my Master's Degree in painting, leading me to become a full-time painter.   In the past few years, I owned galleries/studios in Taos, NM, and Salida, CO.  I'm presently painting and sculpting for the galleries shown under the "Galleries" heading.I have a spontaneous approach to painting and find pleasure in a variety of subjects from landscapes to cityscapes and wildlife.  But, my favorite subject is the fantasy genre from my imagination.  At times I enjoy painting outdoors but usually prefer the quiet solitude that painting in my studio inspires.   Please contact me with any questions about my work or for information on commission paintings.

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