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I began creating art when I was old enough to hold a crayon but it wasn’t until I attended School of Visual Arts in NYC that I learned to paint with Acrylics. That is when I found that I am never happier as when I have a paintbrush in my hand. 
Life soon got in the way and years of work and raising a family caused me to put my love for painting on the back burner for nearly four decades. It wasn’t until I was invited to join a painting group in 2015 that I found the courage to pick up a paint brush again. It took no time at all to realize that, although I loved my life, there had been a void for many years that only reigniting my passion for painting could fill. I am now happily spending my days painting, taking art classes and workshops, and learning just about everything I can to hone my skill. 
I believe that being an artist means you never stop learning. Even the most accomplished artists are always trying something new. It could be another medium to delve into, a different technique to try or even a new product to test out. After painting in acrylics for about a year I decided to explore painting in oils. I love both mediums but I find that nowadays I most often choose to paint in oils. I savor the smell of oils, the richness of the colors and the extended drying time which allows more time to blend. Painting in oils can be quite involved and I also appreciate the challenge that they offer.
These days I am immersing myself in creating pictures that are representational of scenes and images that explore the relationship of light and shadows, and the blending of colors, to tell [...]

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