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With no regrets, I left a hectic life in Atlanta to "spread my wings" as an artist in the serenity of the Western Carolina Mountains. After 14 years as a full-time resident of Cashiers I continue to pursue my love of  oil painting.My passion and appreciation of all things creative come naturally to me as I grew up in a family of artists. My brother is a sculptor, one sister is an interior designer and the other an actress. Both of my parents painted as a hobby after we left the nest. In 2010 I took a beginners class at the Vero Beach Museum of Art from renowned instructor and oil painter, Kathleen Staiger. She pushed me hard and taught me the intricacies of palette set-up,brush care, basics of composition and precision techniques. Her 3 day intensive color theory and  workshop kept me focused when I needed it the most. From these important tools I honed my techniques and now use palette knives almost exclusively. I have been fortunate to have Karen Weihs, famed "Colorist of the Carolinas" as a teacher.She has encouraged me to be more adventurous with layering on the paints and enjoy the magic of the colors as they swirl and blend together on the canvas. I recently took a workshop with reknown abstract artist Marianne Mitchell, again at Vero Beach Art Museum. She instilled the insight that all paintings must have a quality that draws the viewer. Without it, the painting has no life or soul. Both teachers and fellow artists have provided the foundation from which to approach to my work. Most of my paintings evolve into more impressionistic or abstract looks as my mind envisions something I have seen in the past. I often use photos for inspiration but my final work looks completely different.Currently [...]

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