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Hello and welcome to my site!
As a small child, growing up in Missouri, I always had a great love and fascination for the beauty of nature.  I would load up my bicycle basket with Prang watercolors, papers and an old jelly jar full of water to ride off to our neighborhood lake in the woods.  It was here I would paint trees, grasses, leaves and scenery.  That fascination with nature has never left me and continues to be my inspiration.
I pursued art through high school and college, eventually teaching high school art students.  Working with high school students was a grand experience and I loved every minute of it!  But now, as a retiree, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to focus on my growth as an artist. 
I travel mainly to New Mexico and Colorado for many of my plein air paintings, plus I paint in and around my home in Oklahoma. I love to be able to find and to share with you the everyday, but oftentimes overlooked, natural beauty found in nature.
Thank you so much for viewing my site!  Please check in with me again as I continue my journey.  

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