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Jill Storey has been fascinated by the way things come to life on paper since she was a small child. 
"One of my favorite memories is my mother making paper dolls for me.  She would draw beautiful princesses in big skirts and cut them out, and I would play with them until they disintegrated.  Her imagination sparked my own."
As Jill developed as an artist, she experimented with many different mediums but always found herself returning to drawing.  She spent several years creating works in graphite, primarily portraits, and then she discovered pastels.
"I love working in pastel.  It's my favorite medium because the colors are so rich and I can make so many different kinds of line with a single stick. I can cover a lot of ground quickly and loosely or draw in minute detail.  And there are no brushes to clean!"
Jill continues to draw portraits and has more recently been exploring the hues and textures of landscapes.  She finds the clear light and ever-changing beauty of the West to be constant sources of inspiration.  Her art is continually evolving, but some things haven't changed.
"I am still, after all these years, fascinated by the way a drawing first rises up from its paper, then settles back down and pulls me with it.  It's an amazing thing to watch a two-dimensional drawing take on life."
Jill earned a BFA from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame.  She spent the majority of her working life in non-art related fields but recently made the choice to pursue art full time.  She and her husband, Pat, live in Boise, Idaho.  When not drawing, Jill gathers inspiration and lots of photos while hiking and biking around Boise and the Northwest.
Selected Exhibitions and Awards:
2020 - Degas Pastel Society 18th Biennial National Juried Exhibition
2020 - Pastel Society of the West Coast [...]

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