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     I have been painting portraits for many years and studied with some of the finest painters in the United States.  It takes years to learn to paint in oil and add quite a few more to paint realistic portraits.  My goal is to always improve through hard work and study.
     I get a great satisfaction in painting children.  I have always been a "fan" of both Mary Cassatt and Cecilia Beaux.  There is no sentimentality or excessive sweetness in their depiction of children.  Children are inherently beautiful and really very interesting.  Even with young children there is usually  a "tell" that indicates their character.  I am not satisfied until I capture their unique expression. 
     Having lived on a horse farm for a number of years, I enjoy equine painting; also landscape and of course adult portraiture.  - Jill Rudzik
 "Arise, your light has come, and the Glory of God shines upon you."   
                                                                                                                      Isaiah 60:1

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