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have always had a vivid imagination and while I did not
initially pursue a career in the arts, I constantly endeavored to satisfy an
underlying artistic need. Throughout the years I undertook various projects in
commercial interior design, retail home furnishing and décor, and tradeshow
representation. The constant theme running through these endeavors was a desire
to express my creativity in design. It was not until 2004 that I decided to
seek instruction in fine art and test my skills by enrolling in a watercolor
class, as well as a pastels class. My pre-conceived notion was that I wanted to
be a watercolorist, but soon found that my passion lies in pastels, and so I
currently work only in soft pastels.
My work is done exclusively on sanded paper, almost always
Kitty Wallis paper or board, using a variety of pastels, from many
manufacturers, among which are Nupastels, Rembrandts, Schmincke, Unison, Terry
Ludwig, Diane Townsend, and Sennelier. Although I have difficulty following
this important rule, I try to complete several thumbnail sketches before laying
pastel to paper, but more often than not, I will work out my composition on the
computer, using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and then tweak the contrast or
saturation to give me a somewhat exaggerated sense of value and edges. I then
begin the piece by either completing a charcoal drawing of the large shapes
followed by blocking in those shapes with random color or I simply block in the
large shapes and refine and redraw as I go along. During this stage, I try to
maintain a value structure close to my original design. The beginning of a
painting is the time I enjoy the most. I love the feeling of stroking my pastel
across a blank sheet of sanded paper. Keeping to the value structure is my
primary focus. I have learned that a variety of hues can be used within a
single shape, as long as their values [...]

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