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The Artist Says:

As a painter I work to capture the intensity  of the emotion communicated by each person or scene.  My subjects are often strong women who share their deepest beliefs and values through their expressions and the aura that surrounds them.

Dealers Say:



 We all share more with our eyes and expressions than we do with our words. I am fascinated with the range of ways people view themselves and how these perceptions influence their interactions with the world around them. This has led  me to a deep awareness throughout my life on human thought and emotion and how people face life's challenges.
The people and scenes I paint often involve  people reacting to a crisis or a deep emotion that affects their lives.  Especially
powerful are the reactions of strong women as they deal with personal or societal challenges. Not all of their challenges are earthshaking . Many of their  responses are subtle,  but those responses often shape the environment surrounding them.  In my paintings  you will find a range of human emotions, from intense courage and commitment, to tragic acceptance, as well as irony and some times humor.,  But all express intense reactions to life's confrontations.
As a painter, the  unexpected discoveries found on a walk along the beach,  a city street or  finding  places created to bring a sense of personal identity and serenity into people's daily lives are also a source of constant delight and inspiration.   Mexico, where I spend part of each year, is a painter's dream,  with its warm, friendly people, beautiful countryside  and historical old cities. Painting with both Mexican and United States artists has enriched my work.   

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