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Artist Statement
Most of my paintings start with a moment of connection with an object or a scene. I may view an object or building every day and never really think too much about it and then one day I see it in a certain light and it’s like seeing an old friend. Maybe I pick a place to paint because of its complexity and texture or because of the shape of light upon things. Or maybe I just want my paintings to take you back home somehow to that pet you love dearly or that place you walked contently.
Once I know the feeling I would like to share, I start with a detail drawing that I consider the bones of the painting. I often progress to a an underpainting which is covered with gestural broad strokes of paint and glazes. I bring back the detail, directing the eye with small brush strokes or glints of color keeping other areas loose and suggestive. Everything, brush strokes and paint, working together to create a narrative worth coming home to. 


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