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“My art is something that emerges from within me, an inner desire to create and express myself.”

“I paint what I lack the words to express.”

Jill Huxtable grew up in Lawrence, KS and has been making art since early childhood. She took advantage of the excellent art department in the school system there, and has won many awards over the years. After putting her artwork on the back burner while raising her children and working as a hairstylist, she has picked her art back up full time upon retirement. Since that time, she has shown in numerous galleries and art shows around the Kansas City area. She takes advantage the many art classes available, and attends art workshops as her schedule permits. “Always a work in progress, as is my life”. Being creative is not just a part of her core being, but also a form of escape. Jill is truly a mixed media artist. Instead of focusing on one main medium, she chooses the combination of media which will best accomplish her vision of the finished piece. The process may vary from piece to piece, yet her style is fluid throughout each series. In addition to working with many types of paint and drawing media, she likes to work on a variety of surfaces, often creating texture, incorporating found objects, and working in layers to create a sense of depth and interest that draws the viewer in for closer examination. Her artwork finds inspiration in nature and the beauty of the human form.



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