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Jill Beecher Matthew is an oil painter who uses painting knives to enrich her paintings with luscious texture, vibrant color, and brilliant light.  Her paintings are among private collections in both the U.S. and abroad.    

Encouraged by her mother who was an oil painter, Jill’s early life was filled with many creative projects, some of which she sold at off-campus consignment shops as a teen.  Her father, an archaeologist and landscape hobbyist, taught her a curiosity and love for science and nature, as together they explored the beautiful Louisiana landscape of their home.  
Higher education, jobs, and family life put Jill’s fine art endeavors on hold for many years.  She earned a degree in microbiology from Louisiana State University, followed by graduate school at the University of New Hampshire, and then held a variety of diverse jobs from cancer research to office management in the chemical consulting industry.  She also spent many satisfying years as a stay-at-home mom enjoying family activities such as traveling, skiing, biking, backpacking, boating, and gardening, and remains an avid gardener today. 
Following the death of her parents, Jill acquired her mother’s easel and art supplies.  Inspired by childhood memories and the beauty of the Connecticut landscape around her, she began to dabble with her paints, brushes and knives again.  She took art classes and workshops at the Lyme Art Association, and mentored with CT painters Noel Belton and Leif Nilsson.  She also studied the methods of Henry Hensche at The Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA, and with several of its alumni in other parts of the country, and later participated in an artist retreat to paint along the west coast of Ireland.  From these various influences and experiences she has developed her own style.
In Connecticut Jill is a member of the Lyme Art Association, Madison [...]

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