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 Artistic life sketchMain contributions to the artistic community around the world:
Jesús Fuertes (1938-2006) is the last painter from l'école de Paris and the one who spent a decade from 1970 to 1980 traveling throughout Africa exploring the seeds of the cubism movement which had been developed in several variants by the European Master Painters in the 20th century.In the eighties, J. Fuertes brought tropical scenarios and characters into a personal variant of cubism that can be described as tropical-neo-cubism. A unique collection of threadlike figures named by the artist as "Filiform Series" had been painted under this innovation of Cubism."El Quijote en Miami" ("Don Quixote in Miami", mixed media on canvas) is part of the National Heritage of Spain since 2002.Fuertes was an active ambassador of culture between the USA and Spain.J. Fuertes' Legacy includes thousands of artworks throughout the seven continents.

"Don Quixote in Miami" ("El Quijote en Miami") 
National Heritage of Spain with King & Queen of Spain, 2002

Close up "Don Quixote in Miami"
Tribute to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, main characters 
from Spanish novel "Don Quijote de la Mancha"
written by Miguel de Cervantes 

Letter of thanks from Member of Congress Patricia Schroeder extending to the Minister of Cultural Affairs in Spain for the cultural exchange provided by Jesus Fuertes between Spain and the U.S. June 7th, 1979.

"Girl from Ipanema" 1987
Filiform Series, Tropical neo cubism, crayon on canvas

São Paulo Studio, Brazil 1987
J.F. paintings display with African art collection
Me and Dad
 Short Bio
Jesus Fuertes Gomez (April 14th, 1938 - July 18th, 2006) was an autodidact Spanish painter, cartoonist, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist and interior designer.During the Spanish Civil War, Fuertes' family escaped from Madrid to settle in Brussels. From a young age and because of his trips with his father who at the time was a poet and a fierce activist, Jesus Fuertes shaped his sense [...]

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