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My art can be likened to child's wonder at opening a beautifully wrapped gift.  With no preconceived notions, the child is awed by the lovely wrap that surrounds the surprise within and while the gift is the main thing, the pretty wrapping and the box that hold it are elemental to the child's joy.  The gift of my art, being the main theme of my life, is not the only element of my life.  The beauty and inspiration I am surrounded by wraps my creative drive and talent.  The mechanics of painting are the box that gives definition to each piece I create.  The fine detail found in my drawing and the abstract nature of my paintings are intimate glimpses into my thinking and character.  While my imagination is expressed through these facets of my personality, they are not the only mediums that give life to my vision.  Photography allows me to take the corporeal world and transform it into a fusion of impressionism and 2D imagery.
"Color like the paint will never dry" holds true for me.  Acrylics, Prismacolor, Pen & Ink are the apparatus which gives expression to my imagination and creates my art.  It is the same kind of vehicle for my expression of what I see as my automobile is the apparatus that conveys me from place to place in everyday life.
The attention my work has received is gratifying, for there is no greater joy in my life than the enjoyment and appreciation others find in the viewing of my painting.  In 2005, I was fortunate enough to take part in the Montana Institute of the Arts Annual Art Show, which I mark as the beginning of my career as an artist.  This show awarded me with the first acknowledgment of my talent, when I was given Top Honors for my piece  'So Reel'.  The painting also received [...]

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