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Inspired by nature and driven by her passion for horses, J. Pilar paints to express her deep appreciation and admiration for all equines and the role they play in our human lives past and present.  As an avid horsewoman, owner and competitor she is in direct and daily contact with her subjects and never lacking for creative inspiration.
Educator turned artist, J.Pilar's commitment to painting full-time began in 2008 when she resigned from teaching and decided to paint what she loved and feed her creative impulses.  She is considered self-taught.  Although, her mother, also a painter, surrounded her with artistic influences, people and experiences while growing up.  Furthermore, she was inspired by the creativity she saw in the young children she taught, which motivated her to pursue art full-time.
Her style is still evolving, and changes as she grows, but one thing is constant in all her paintings, her pure love and understanding of the horse.  Mainly oils and some acrylics are used to create both bold and soft colors.  She prefers to paint on a fairly large scale "horse size," as she puts it, but manages to fill canvases of all sizes with an energetic, empathetic and personal connection to the subject.
Jessie doesn't limit herself to just equines.  She has painted cows, dogs, and roosters along with landscapes and she paints on several surfaces including canvas, wood, metal, leather, furniture, wall and ceiling murals.  She even painted the side of an entire barn.  Constantly challenging herself, she is open to commissions of any kind, including graphic design, and photography always looking for opportunities to grow as an artist.
Originally from Michigan, she moved to Florida and earned a B.A in English from the University of S. Florida. She then moved to Athens, GA where she earned her M.A. in Education and worked as [...]

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