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Jessica Shippee (pronounced SHI-peeh) loved to draw and paint as a teenager and desired to pursue a career in the arts. Having completed a two year accreditation at McFatter Vocational and Technical for a newly offered "Commercial Art" Degree (Now usually called Graphic Design), she watched hand creations transition to computer as the new up and coming way for the world to share their art. Having established a very popular (for 1994) pet portrait website at the age of 17, she offered portraits to subscribers in charcoal, pencil and oil pastel. Fine Art hadn't really crossed her mind until her mid 30's, after taking a 10 year hiatus from art other than occasional sketching.
All that changed when a website inspired her artistic side to re-emerge through mini daily challenges and contests. Pursuing art again, a fellow forum member had a lot of "leftover soft pastels". Having had a hand at Mungyo (every artist's first set of pastels, reasonably lightfast, cheap and fun to handle), the love of pastels was bloomed after this high quality lot arrived. Buttery Schminke's, Vibrant Terry Ludwigs, creamy and illuminous Senneliers. So this was what good pastels felt like! The sparkle and luminosity of pastels worked well with this "dry media" artist. A true drawer, but not yet ready for wet media, this still felt like painting.
Jessica worked in pastels for years, continuing to learn their nuances, while starting to play with watercolor. Having wanted to fill the white tooth of the paper quickly, the watercolor was a great underpainting starter to get values established, and put some color notes into the work so she could get to the good part as fast as possible. Sticking with commissions of people, pets and the occasional still life, her landscapes had not yet come to life.
Jessica continued to avoid [...]

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