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Jessica Perlstein is a visual painter based out of San Francisco.  Born and raised in the Bay Area, she has a deep love for the culture and magnificence of the California coast.  She uses bold and dynamic color as an expression of her playful personality and excitement for the beauty she sees through her eyes.  From epic skyscapes to vibrant portraits of her favorite plants, she aims to recreate the feelings of freedom and joy one experiences when embarking on an adventure into the great outdoors.  
Through her work, she is able to convey her passion for the environment and the ecological connection between all things.  She carries a strong message of taking action towards respecting a thriving planet and the resulting reality we can create when we choose to be aware of our symbiotic relationship with nature.
Jessica has enjoyed creating art ever since she was a small child.  In 2006, she graduated from the Academy Of Art University with a BFA in illustration.  Shortly afterward, she began painting in front of an audience at events and music festivals. She has since painted and shown her work at events and festivals around the world, at times on stage in front of large crowds.  
Lately she has found much freedom and joy painting her favorite subjects in the studio.  She now enjoys exploring the world of contemporary Impressionism, and how the use of color, pattern and the stroke of the brush or the palette knife can create a dynamic depiction of the beautiful scenery and luscious flora that she loves so much.  She hopes to translate these feelings of joy and explorative wonder into a visual representation that can make our hearts sing.

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