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Throughout my life, I have been drawn to reflective contemplation. From the time I was a young girl, I have kept journals as a way to process my experiences. These written records have  influenced and contributed my voice in paint and other art forms. With my paintings, I compose object, landscape and figure, or a combination of those, to depict a sense of journey.  I’m interested in how to convey in my work reflective moments taken within a journey. I look at these moments of reflection as liminal space, between what came before and what will come afterward. I see these moments as  necessary to savoring and appreciating more from an experience. Metaphor and symbolism are important to evoking this concept in my work and often guide my process and visual language. 

Jessica Armstrong studied art at Brigham Young University in Utah and completed her fine art degree at the San Francisco School of Art in California. While at BYU, Jessica was greatly influenced by her teacher, the late artist James C. Christensen, to create work with elements of metaphor and symbolism. Her first body of work, mixed media paintings and sculptures, centered around the theme of the spiritual nature of feminine qualities, inspired by prehistoric Venus figurines, William Shakespeare's Hamlet and Eve in the Bible. Jessica continued her exploration of feminine themes in her work through creating labyrinth installations, an ancient archetypal geometric design with feminine symbolism. In collaboration with other artists, she helped to create permanent Medieval labyrinth installations-- walking mediations paths in gardens--in Colorado. Jessica's current work shows her devotion to spiritual aspects depicted in her work unveiled through symbols and metaphor. She is greatly influenced by artist, Daniel Sprick, whom she studied with, as well as the art and literary period of Romanticism.
2014  11-Circuit Chartres Labyrinth Installation, [...]

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