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Evocative and picturesque landscapes have impassioned award-winning Plein Air painter, Jerry W. Pond for over forty years.    Born and raised in Ottawa Canada, he made his way to Chicago and studied at the prestigious American Academy of Art, and has also taught etching at the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in that same great “Windy City”.
Shortly after moving to Cottonwood, Arizona and attending a workshop with nationally acclaimed artist William Scott Jennings some nine years ago, he has found a stirring magnificence in the multi-hued, wide-open Sedona area mountain vistas, providing further impetus for his quest to take hold of and skillfully render in oil, that which nature so abundantly provides. Having worked in various mediums over the years, he prefers oil paints due to their pigment-building and drying properties in addition to their traditional appeal.
When asked what drives him day after day, he will tell you that it is the pursuit of capturing an ever-changing play on light… “Working from nature provides such inspiration, there is no comparison. The light is so short-lived, and trying to capture a moment in time with moving shadows is the ultimate challenge within the narrow two-hour time frame I typically allow for a painting”. This relentless year-round pursuit knows no bounds. Often not knowing where he is headed when he goes out to paint, he is always searching for just the right scene, and may return to exactly the same spot during a different time of the year to capture yet a different perspective due to the changing seasons.  I am currently represented by Sedona Arts center. in Sedona Arizona. website, www.jerrywpond.com & facebook
BEST OIL – 2005 in the 25th Annual Members Show at the Sedona Art Center in Sedona, AZ
2nd PLACE – 2006 in the 26th Annual Members Show at the Sedona Art [...]

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