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“ Being an artist is probably one of the neatest things that can happen to a person”
                            .  .  .  .  Bart Forbes
For as long as I can remember, I envisioned myself, one day, becoming known as an artist. During my senior year in high school I wrote a story about how much I wanted to be an artist, that it was my dream career. I was fortunate to be able to attend art school after high school in pursuit of realizing my dream. I have my mother to thank for that as she paved the way and pushed me to go. It didn’t take much of a push. My first two years at Tyler School of Fine Art, Temple University concentrated on all fine art. I didn’t feel as though fine art was where I wanted to be, so I transferred to Philadelphia College of Art, where I could concentrate more on commercial art. I completed 3 more years of art training.
Fast forward many years later and a career developed as a design artist, marketing communications director, visual display artist, custom picture framer, photographer, portrait artist and illustrator.  All of these ventures led me, one way or another, into the sports art world. The combination of my two great passions, sports and art. To actually describe my journey to that point would be way too complicated and perhaps too boring. Of course, I have been able to branch out a little to include a variety of subjects,  but always with a heavy emphasis on sports, both action and portraiture,but always willing to expand.
My favorite medium, as I was starting to feel my way, was pencil. Perhaps fear of color and not having a complete understanding of it kept me from realizing the beauty of color and it’s influence into my [...]

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